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We Have a Winner!


Pretty, ain't it?

Time gets away from me occasionally, and when I looked at the calendar today I realized I’m 2 days late with this month’s drawing. So I wrote out the tickets post haste!

This month’s winner is Kathy T, from Duluth. (Yaay! One I won’t have to mail!) We’ve been talking about having dinner together for about 6 months now, so maybe this means we will actually do it. Kathy and I went to the same high school here in Duluth, and then worked together for many years. A couple of Catholic girls in publishing. Imagine.

Congratulations, Kathy!

I don’t have a photo of Kathy, but I imagine she is doing this right now:

Here’s the drawing bowl for this month, which was part of a very special birthday present from a very special person. A person who thinks auction junk is beneath his dignity. Ha, I say.

So Kathy, the snow has melted, you’re back from your cruise, we’re both over our colds, so let’s go to lunch. Or dinner. And shopping at Savers!

The fun we’ll have!


Speaking of fun, there are 6 mailing boxes left in my collection, so sign up now to be in on the drawing. You can win twice, so if you ever registered, you’re still in the game. Leave a note here, or send me an Email at Good luck! The boxes are F-U-N.


And The Winner Is …


Sharon from Ohio!

I drew Sharon’s name when I got home from Easter dinner last night, but was too tired to write an entry. So now I’m writing it on April 1, but this is not an “April Fool,” because I’ve never been good at practical jokes since I gave one of my my job-hunting sisters the number of the Duluth Zoo and told her to ask for Mr Fox. Talk about lame, huh? Anyway, a box of auction stuff will be winging its way to Sharon later this week. Don’t forget to sign up here or at my Email address, You could be next!

Sharon and I “met” through letters many years ago, long before home computers came about. I can’t even remember how we found one another, but when you have a lot of prolific letter writers in America, they’re bound to cross paths at some point. Over the years we’ve gone through a lot of things together, through our letters and phone calls. Several years ago I drove through her home town, and though I know I could pick her out of a crowd, we have never met in person. Life is funny, isn’t it?


Auction treasures this week include a giraffe cream pitcher, a Mother Goose figurine (at least that’s what I’m calling it) and an old tin from an Addressograph ribbon.These things are not going into the auction treasures raffle, but it’s amazing what a gal can find for one dollar!

Note to self: Look up "Addressograph."

Mother Goose? That's what I'm calling her.

Sweet little giraffe pitcher. I imagine there is a sugar bowl out there somewhere.


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, which started out looking more like Christmas as it snowed in Duluth. The day never really did warm up, though I have photos of Easters past where my nieces and nephew wore shorts and hunted for eggs in the new spring grass.

Here’s our own little Easter bunny, Madison, who kept us charmed all through dinner.

And here are some of the fabulous cupcakes we had for dessert, compliments of the fabulous Amber at Cake Occasions in Duluth. Amber is a sweetie, and will be the newest member of our family in July of this year.

And now let us turn our thoughts to spring. Please!

And The Winner Is …


Congratulations, Glenn from New York!

I think Glenn is the first male to win one of the auction boxes, so maybe more of you will enter the drawing now that you know it’s not just for the girls!

Given what I’ve got to work with (a huge box of auction leftovers), I always try to tailor the prize to the recipient. I don’t know too much about Glenn, so he’s in for a big surprise. And I hope it will be a fun one. Glenn, the box will go into the mail on Monday. Hope you enjoy it.

* * *

Speaking of winners, here’s a picture of my great niece Josie, who has won my heart. She’s celebrating her first Valentine’s Day, and she looks pretty happy with Valentines that arrived in the mail. (Just wait till she learns about chocolate!)

Couldn’t love her more if I tried.

*  *  *

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I’m headed to another auction in Wisconsin. (Auctions: The reason for long weeks of work.) Get your name in for the next drawing, which will be held the end of March. You can win more than once, and if you’ve sent in your name, it’s on the “every month” list, so don’t worry. If you haven’t, send me an Email at, like Glenn did, or leave a request in the message section on this page. Good luck to you!

I think we cover all bases here:

The Joy of Time


Remember that book from the ’70s, The Joy of Sex? I remember it well, mostly because I just found my copy in my kitchen on the cookbook shelf. How it got there I do not know. I may have thought it was The Joy of Cooking, or maybe I am just way more messed up than I give myself credit for.

Anyway, the book was filled with a lot of pencil and charcoal sketches of couples in various nude poses, doing what people do when they are together with their clothes off. It was sort of an instructional book, I suppose, one more in a series of self-help books from that era letting you know that no matter how you were doing it, you just weren’t doing it right.

But I digress.

I’d like to write my own book: The Joy of Time. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately, since I now have so much of it to do with as I please. Since I’m not a sketch artist, I’d probably have to rely on the work of others. (Thank you, Google!) I’ve already depleted my limited artistic skills to design the cover, though.

If you are unemployed and have some sort of income that will let you keep body and soul together, and while you are looking for work or suddenly find yourself retired, you also suddenly have the joy of time. It’s a marvelous thing. Time. The time to do whatever you want, when you want to do it, with whom you care to do it, or the choice to not do it at all, and simply take a nap.

Remember when you are at work and it’s after lunch and the office is dim and warm, and you think boy, a nap would be great right about now? Well, it is. It’s just as great as you imagined it, and in all likelihood, about 20 times better. A little snooze in the middle of the day. Heaven! And if you have some of those Sleeper Cats in the house, as I do, so much the better.

And throw out that pesky alarm clock. You don’t need it! You’re at the stage again when there is only one 7:00 in your day.

Remember all those things you said you’d do when you had time, like clean out the silverware drawer or rearrange your closet or haul a bunch of stuff to Goodwill or change the furniture around in your bedroom? No longer a “some day” dream, but luxurious time to do accomplish all those things.

Maybe you’d like to try out some new recipes? You can do that. (Not the ones from The Joy of Sex, which you may find on your cookbook shelf, though of course you can do those, too. It’s less fattening.)

Or maybe you want to meet some friends for lunch. Go! Eat! Fly, little bird!

You can grocery shop early in the morning, late at night, on a Tuesday or Friday or when the mood hits you. You don’t have to go after work or on Saturday or Sunday. You can just go. In the middle of the morning, the aisles are all yours. You can complain to the greengrocer about the short pomegranate season. He apparently has time to listen, though he is helpless to change it.

If you decide to expand your volunteer work, you will have the time and the energy to do it. (And you should. People need you!)

You can watch all those movies you’ve been meaning to see, and you can read those books that were in your “some day” pile.

So close to the truth!

The best part of having all this time is that, should you choose, you can do absolutely nothing. When was the last time you did that?

It’s the kind of freedom everyone should have while they are young enough to enjoy it. Maybe our society is putting all its energy toward the wrong ideals? I don’t know. That’s a concept way too big for my brain. The same brain who put The Joy of Sex on my cookbook shelf, remember.

Speaking of mindless pursuits, I am off to one of those right now. Oh, the joy.

* * *

PS: The next auction drawing will be held on Thursday night, January 31. Be sure to get your name in to claim your box of auction treasures. Remember… I drive 300 miles every weekend and stand in long lines so you don’t have to. Leave your name in the comments, or Email me at You can win more than once. With my dearth of readers, your chances of winning are so, so good.

Enter to Win! And Sweet Potato Casserole


The next drawing for auction treasures is coming up soon, so get your name in if you want a chance to win. (If you’ve already sent in your name and haven’t won yet, you’re still in the drawing.) Leave a note here, or Email me: This next drawing will be Christmas-themed, just because that’s the kind of gal I am, and because I happen to have a box full of old fashioned Christmas stuff from various auctions, just the right size to fit into one of those mailable auction boxes.

Sign up now! You need this kind of excitement in your life.

* * *

Meanwhile, here’s a great recipe I used for Thanksgiving, and I think it would be equally good with ham or chicken. Yum!


3 cups mashed sweet potatoes (1 tall can equals 3 cups mashed)

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup margarine or butter, melted


In a medium bowl, use a spoon to mix together 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup flour, 1/2 cup melted butter, and 1 cup chopped pecans. Set aside.

Combine the first 5 ingredients and mix well. (I didn’t mash the potatoes into submission, but kept them a little lumpy just for texture.) Pour mixture into a greased 2-quart casserole dish. Sprinkle the topping over the top. Bake for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees until browned and firm in the middle. Serve hot, although it’s good the next day right out of the refrigerator. Inquiring minds wanted to know.


Winner … Addendum


So I’m sitting at an auction this afternoon playing around with my camera, and I thought I figured out how to download those lovely photos I took. My sister suggested restarting my computer, which seemed like a highly improbable solution to my very complicated problem. The upshot is that I got home, restarted my computer, and the camera works once again.

Technology. Go figure.

So here are the names for the drawing, in a lovely Halloween basket:

And here’s a photo of the winning name:

And as if that were not beauty enough for you, here are some sweet ponies from Japan that made their way to my kitchen by way of auction. Don’t you love them? I sure do.

Halloween Drawing


Rosy B. of Duluth

Congratulations to you, Rosy B! The box is not quite assembled yet, but I will be glad to mail it, or gladder if you would like to stop over for coffee some afternoon and pick it up. It would be fun to see you again.

For some reason, my camera is not letting me post photos. I think the battery is shot, though I will try again later. All my hard work on a Halloween presentation MUST be appreciated by the world at large. I’ll try to get it working.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween to all. Next drawing will be the last day of November. Plenty of time to get your name in so that you, too, can win fabulous auction stuff!



Enter To Win Free Stuff!


Still waiting to get your name to add to the drawing for free auction leftover stuff, small enough to fit into a little box and not break the bank on postage. People! I stood in crowds like this one all summer, hauling crap fabulous stuff home so you wouldn’t have to. Enter today to win! Leave a note here, or send your mailing address to The next spooky drawing will be held on Halloween night. YOU could be a winner!

We won’t send the Publisher’s Clearing House people to your door with balloons and ridiculously large checks that your bank would never take, but if you watch your mailbox, you may be in for a big surprise. (Big things come in little packages, you know.)

Here are some carefully selected items packed into the back of my car. The shopping I did so you wouldn’t have to! The lines I stood in to save your time! The heat sickness I suffered … Oh, the stories I could tell. All for you.

No idea what that wooden thing is, but yes: We bought it.

Well, okay... you won't win the apple OR the almonds.

Here’s some favorite auction stuff you won’t be winning:

Cool stuff I found at the bottoms of boxes of miscellany. I'm keepin' it.

These beautiful etched glasses. Not technically purchased at auction, but technically rescued from a Dumpster. I'm keeping 'em.

An autographed sheet music photo signed by Rudy Vallee. Might be worth something.

Winston loves Christmas. We're keeping these.

Too cool to give up. Who could resist these old fashioned lights? Not me.

I coveted the blue bowl, but got sun-sick before they sold it. Darn.

All this furniture: Too big to mail.

Wonderful yard stuff, and two lovebirds. All too big to mail. Alas.

So that’s what you won’t win, but think about all the stuff you might win! But only if you sign up quickly, because the drawing is Wednesday. Tell your friends.

I’m telling mine!


And The Winner Is…


Florida Marilyn! Congrats!

Here’s the pretty fall bowl from my endless collection of pretty bowls which I’ll get to show off each month:And here are all the names in said bowl…

And here’s the winning entry:

A box of auction treasures will be winging its way to you just as soon as I get up the ambition to pack it all up and haul it to the post office. But isn’t anticipation a wonderful thing?

I know I said there would be a drawing every week, but with only 5 or 6 people actually entering the drawing, that seems pointless. And let’s face it: I’m not that energetic. So I figured once a month would be good, and would give more people time to enter, since it takes SO FRICKIN’ LONG TO SEND ME YOUR NAME.

Lordy, you people. This is good stuff!  You need to enter to win. Do it now! Then you can be happy with all the stuff, just like Chris and Marilyn. You want that, don’t you?

I was going to write about my vacation, too, but that would mean I’d have to sort out pictures, so I’ll save that for another time. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Pennsylvania Cathy being silly at Gordy’s Hi Hat. She does it very well. It’s one of the things I love about her.

Are you thinking, “Geez, they look alike?” I hope so. I love when people think that.

Well, congratulations again to Marilyn, and the rest of you should send me your name so you can be in the next Pretty Bowl drawing, which will be October 31st.

Spooky, eh?j