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Suddenly Last Summer.



On these cold cold cold days, don’t you just harken back to summer, like those nights when it was too hot to sleep, or you got in your car and the plastic seat covers nearly burned your skin? Yeah, all that happened… about 500 months ago. But summer will come again, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, I’m iced-in and cleaning up my desktop. Here are a bunch of pictures from a 2-day auction in Bayfield last summer. Bayfield is a gorgeous town with nice restaurants and apparently NO hotel rooms under $200, but worth a visit. It’s a good day trip; scenic and relaxing. Go. Do.

The auction was held right on the main pier, in that big white building. The day was beautifully sunny and we found a nearby parking spot. I took some picture of the pier while we were waiting for the auction to begin. I think dogs like auctions… here’s one trotting over to see what’s for sale.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis some of the overstock furniture and wooden stuff that was for sale. There was more inside, but it was fun to be out in the sun. (Because I probably knew I wouldn’t see it for another 29 months.)


Here’s some stuff I bought, and some stuff I wanted to buy, and some stuff I just shook my head about.

Piano rolls. Got ’em! I think I paid $3 for the entire box. Yahoo!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome very cool old glasses. I didn’t buy ’em, though. They went for a lot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI didn’t buy this chalkware Jesus….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…or any of these beaded bags….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…but I did get this wonderful box of postcards to add to my 8-shoebox-full collection!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a bunch of kitchenware, but I don’t think I bought any of it:



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did buy this very cool box of glass figures, mostly because it had a very sweet and odd looking ostrich inside, and I had to have that!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADidn’t get any of these books, and lost out on the stereoscopic cards, too. Boo hoo.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere were tons of empty chairs because everyone was milling around looking at stuff. There was so much to see! We did get good seats, though, because one of us was savvy enough to sit down early. Guess who?


There. My desktop looks so clean now, after I’ve been staring at these photos for the past 8 months. I guess I don’t move as quickly as I once did. Retirement will do that to ya.

But speaking of things I love, here are two of my great-nieces, Josie and Gabby, enjoying the valentines that Auntie Patt sent. I couldn’t love them more.

Josie & Gab_ValentinesThanks for reading.

See you next time!




Auction at Turk’s Inn


Does anyone remember Turk’s Inn, the lavishly outdated (but fun) Turkish restaurant on Hwy 63 in Hayward?


Built by the George Gogian family 1937, the restaurant featured lamb dishes, shish kebobs, stuff grape leaves, rice pilaf dishes, baklava and more. The bar was a living tribute to any liquor ever created. Because of my family’s middle eastern background, we ate at Turk’s on various occasions, and always enjoyed the trip. In 1966, I worked in the kitchen at Ross’s Teal Lake Lodge in Hayward, and on some weekends I would join the staff on a trip to Turk’s for dinner. The Gogians have died off, and the restaurant is now closed. (I heard it was bought by a new owner, and I’m hoping they’ll revive the Turk’s menu)



The Gogian home, next to the restaurant:


A blurry old photo of the Gogian family:


On July 26th, my sister Kim and I went to an auction of some of the Turk’s belongings. Because they had traveled the world and collected so many things, and kept everything they owned, this was part of a series of Turk’s auctions. The daughter, Marge, had once been a model in New York, and dozens of her gowns and shoes and coats had been sold earlier. Lots of liquor and clothing and restaurant equipment had been sold already, but the rest of the estate is still on the block.


Oh, fooey.

I started writing that story in July, and it has been sitting on my desktop all this time because I couldn’t do justice to the family OR the auction. But today (four months later, and snowy) I feel forced to just post some pictures of this wonderful day. It was July. It was hot. There was so much stuff to look at that it was almost overwhelming.

I wanted this peacock. I was trying to figure out if it would fit in my car when it was suddenly sold for $15 to a lady from Colorado. I hope she’s enjoying it. I hope she had to buy a special ticket for it on the plane, too:


Since there was no Gogian family left, they had asked that proceeds from their estate go be donated to Hayward High School. A bunch of Hayward students worked at the auction, carrying items around to show the buyers. Some of the items were nude paintings, which made the boys blush. It was just like 1954! Here’s a nice kid carrying around MY peacock, who now lives in Colorado. (The bird, not the boy.)


Here’s Cowboy Dave, a favorite of Wisconsin auction-goers. At least he’s one of mine.
Here’s a bunch of butts. It was a hot day. I’ve never taken a photography class. (Shocking, I know.)
The  Queen of “Make Your Own Parking Space” strikes again!
And just to wrap this up, so I can get all these photos off my desktop, here are some of the many things for sale.
Just so ya know.
Chairs from the dining room were being sold for $1 each. I bought the one I was sitting on. I carried it all over the auction that day. It was my favorite purchase. Possibly my only one, since memory now fails me.
This very last photo refuses to download. (Upload?) Picture, if you will, a black and red restaurant chair.
Thank you. Thank you very much.

The Joy of Delayed Gratification.


It’s been a busy month, and a really expensive one, too. Dinners with friends, auctions, gas for road trips, entertaining, veterinary bills, higher car insurance rates… you know how it goes. You can plan and budget all you like, but life has a way of intervening in all kinds of ways.

So when I saw the PERFECT bench for my Little Free Library at the Serendipity shop, I was hesitant to jump out of the car and plunk down the $24 for it. Not a lot of money, but it wasn’t quite close to my next Social Security check, and I have a few rules about my cash: I won’t put anything on my credit card unless it is an absolute necessity, and I won’t take money out of my savings account for fun stuff.

But there it was, sitting on their lawn just waiting for ANYONE to take it, when in truth it belonged to me. (At least heart-wise.) I’d drive by every day and look for its green paint. I’d watch to make sure nobody was sitting on it or looking at it. I’d watch for the little cut out hearts on each end to make sure it was still there.

And finally the check came, and I rushed over there and pulled off the sales ticket. It was mine! Paid for up front, with no money gone from savings, nothing added to my (thank you GOD) zero balance credit card. Whew!

There was a sign behind the counter, too: “I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT WHEN I SAW IT.” I was glad I didn’t have to say that.

Here’s the bench. It’s a beauty. It needs a little TLC, but I don’t plan to put it out there until next spring, so I have time to think about what color to use. Or time to think about which friends might take on the project if I buy the paint for them? Of course I have someone in mind, and they know who they are. (But that’s a story for another day.


Sometimes it feels good to have to wait for things. In this day of instant gratification, of which I often indulge, it is nice to have something to look forward to that you can’t have right this minute. Sometimes when you wait and think about things and consider their possibilities, it seems all the more wonderful when you actually get them.

* * *

Meanwhile, for instant gratification I found these lovelies at recent auctions. I bought this whole box of glass figures just to get this weird little ostrich. How often do you see something like that? You will if you come to my house. He’s in the kitchen.



And while they’re technically not from an auction, they’re from a roadside stand in Trego, Wisconsin, and I’m hoping the deer won’t eat them. The second one is actually somewhat silvery. Who grows silver pumpkins? (Some farmer in Wisconsin, apparently.) I love these.


One last thing: A funny sign a friend found on Grand Avenue. I noticed the other day they erased the “Ass,” though you can still see the remains. I’m glad he caught it when he did!

Photo Credit: Don Fraser

Photo Credit: Don Fraser


Cool Stuff Cheap.


Oh, it has been a long, brutal winter in Duluth. It started too early and it got too cold and there was too much snow and way too much ice and it just went on for ever and ever.

But now spring is here and auction season has returned (for me, I mean, since it never actually went away) and yesterday I picked up my sister Kim at our usual location and we were off to Rice Lake for a day of auction fun.

I took my camera along, but didn’t get many photo opportunities since the auction was such a good one and I was busy buying stuff and spending my hard-earned cash. I did snap a few upon arrival, but then my camera was done for the day.

An empty spot in front of the auction venue is always a good sign.

Empty Spot

And thank you, town of Rice Lake, but we don’t need no stinkin’ rules.


We spent about 6 hours at the auction finding all kinds of treasures. Here are some of mine. The table is actually from a yard sale that we went to on our way to the auction, but it’s still a treasure. I’m nuts about postcards and aging ephemera, and scored a lot of it this weekend.



Other cool stuff:
This ancient sewing box filled with oddball treasures.

Treasures galore!

Treasures galore!

Loved this little table, which will fit nicely on the sun porch. And so would some SUN.


I love this little pony, but got distracted and instead of bidding on it, I ended up having to buy an entire table of stuff (for one dollar!) just to own this little gem.


I love these little “Nipper” salt  and pepper shakers for my collection.


Not sure what to do with these “first issues” envelopes, but they are fun to look at:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy sister knows how much I loves boxes of assorted junk, and I buy those as often as I can. I really love this wooden box with a collection of very cool pencils and some other little doo-dads.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe red and white pencil is advertising for Puss ‘n’ Boots cat food, and it’s got a “fuse” on the end of it. Dy-no-mite! The little Dairy Queen whistle was a gift from Kim, and the little moccasins are beaded and seem very old.

Well, that’s the end of this story. It was such a fun time, and a great re-entry into the auction world. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine.

Was it?



Auction Fever


When things weren’t going his way, my old friend John Smith used to say, “Another day, another chance.” (I think he was a recovering alcoholic. But I digress.) It’s a good saying which applies to most any situation, and I often use it in relation to auctions. They can’t all be that great, you know? But yesterday’s auction was one of the really fun ones.

Early attendees began filling the parking lot, but a smart shopper could easily make her own spot right by the door. Easy access if you’re carrying lots of boxes, as some of us were.

Early shoppers begin arriving.

A wise (and occasionally lazy) gal finds the best possible parking place!

The thing that makes most auctions fun is the variety and eclectic collections of what-nots that people have collected or saved over the years. Estate and consignment auctions are the best. Don’t get stuck at a gun and rifle auction unless you intend to buy guns or rifles. Yawwwwnnnnnnn.

Get there early so you can pick out the stuff you want.

One thing I particularly loved was this old steno pad with illustrated pages. Wasn’t it every girl’s dream to eventually become a stenographer? Because then you could wear all your low-cut roll-in-the-hay clothes to work!

Typical office attire, 1950

I coveted this old tin breadbox, but did not get it. Boo hoo.

It's the one with the bright red lid. I want it!

Other stuff you might find at a really “good” auction:

Glassware out the yin yang. Somebody loved Avon. And mushrooms.

A beautiful old Singer sewing machine. So pretty!

Seriously, if you're in the market for a tuba or some antlers ...

Some little farm kids are gonna love these.

Never know what you'll find on Furniture Row!

Just like families, every office is crazy in its own way.

Lots of guy stuff. Which attracts guys. Ooooh la la.

Piles and piles of sheet music, which someone carefully catalogued.

For the cowboy in everyone.

I bought a very old chalkware bunny that looks suspiciously like Bugs, and still had the original 1.00 price penciled in on the bottom. Very cute. Also bought a Cuisinart waffle maker for a dollar, a toaster and a woolen blanket that will be donated to a shelter, and lots of miscellaneous stuff that may end up at Goodwill at some point. Sometimes you have to buy lots of junk to get the one gem that caught your eye.

Forgot to take their photo, but if you are ever in the Cameron area, I highly recommend the Cameron House for lunch. Great food and good service. And yard sales nearby!

My Philly Steak sandwich. So darned good!

Kim's Reuben

Hope you all had fun weekends of your own. Did you? Tell all!