For Jill!


I still don’t have your Email address. Do send!

PS: Those are pie weights on top of the cabbage. Two people asked if it was moth balls. Sure does look like it, huh?




2 Responses to “For Jill!”

  1. Jill says:

    Patt – You make me laugh!! Thanks so much for the photos. I planned to call you to get an update on your sauerkraut making. I can see it’s going well. It was good to see you the other day. FYI – pomegranates were on sale at the Co-op a couple of days ago. Feel free to email me – don’t know if you have my cell number.

  2. Patt says:

    Jill, it may have looked good, but it all went into the compost bin. It turned out to be just very salty cabbage, and I couldn’t believe letting it sit a few more days would help it. I rinsed it in cold water and it was still too awful. I guess I’ll have to spend that 99 cents!

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