Behold The Tig.


I think Mittens and I were both missing our old cat Winston, who died of myriad health issues last April. Over the Memorial Day holiday, I went to Animal Allies and found “Curious George,” now named “Tigger,” which is much easier to yell when he is running through the house with your car keys.

Tigger is 2 years old, and if the Terrible Twos happen with children, it’s possible they happen with cats, too. Though affectionate and silly and mostly good mannered, Tigger is a thief of all things not nailed down. Pens, nail files, keys, coins, bottle caps, forks, combs. If it’s movable, it’s stealable!

Here is a quick photo of Mittens and Tig getting to know each other, a process which took nearly 8 weeks and is still touch-and-go. Mostly he runs after her to touch her tail, and she goes beserk.

Fascinated by sinks and toilets, especially as they flush, Tigger is always there whether you need him or not. “Curious” was a perfect name for him, because if a drawer is open, he’s in it. If the cabinets are open, he’s so there. If you are getting dressed, he’s literally there, hanging on to your clothing. Changing the sheets? Tig’s there. Wrapping a present? Tig’s there.

But he’s not always going to be two, and so we are patient and amused and enter into play as much as possible, knowing that someday he’ll be old and fat and somewhat lazy, though still lovable.

Tig believes in the power of a good nap, and takes about 10 of them a day. When he’s played out and the late-evening crazies have gone quiet, he gets in my lap, rubs his face against mine, and falls asleep in my arms.

What more could a person ask? The shelter’s full of cats and kittens and dogs and puppies who need good homes. Go get one!

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