A Superior Drive


As you head out of Superior on Hwy 2E, take a left at Moccasin Mike Road and drive to Wisconsin Point. It’s a beautiful drive on a newly-paved road, and leads to the end of the point, where you can walk the pier, read the history of the area, or pull in to one of the parking areas and walk down to the beach.

The Indian burial grounds are located on this road, too, and worth seeing.

Stone-markerThough the actual graves have been removed, visitors to the remaining rock monuments (parts of our old Arrowhead Bridge) have left walking sticks and assorted items of memorabilia that cause the imagination to work overtime.

Reminders of a past friendship? Tokens to say “I was here, and I was thinking of you?” Only the persons who left them know for sure.

Whether you go for the drive (particularly beautiful this time of year) or the pier, or counting gulls, or curiosity about the Indian grounds, the trip is definitely worth the drive.

Believe it.

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