Probably like many Americans, I’m spending some time today thinking about the things that make me thankful, like the joy of living in this country, living in peace,  being able to go outdoors without fear of bombs or shootings or hurricanes or mudslides or sinkholes or rattlesnakes or black widow spiders. Sometimes it’s the small things we’re really thankful for. (Like the absence of aforementioned spiders.)

I am thankful for my two cats, my electric blanket, my own washer and dryer so I don’t have to hang out in creepy laundromats, and my car that quite often gets me from here to there. I’m thankful for music and good radio programs and a safe home and grateful that I am healthy and mostly retired with an adequate income. I’m grateful for Wisconsin auctions. Bliss!


I’m grateful for the bigger things, too. On Saturday evening I went to a family potluck dinner and was thankful to have so large an extended family, and that we all get along (or if we don’t, we don’t make noisy issues of it) and thankful for my four beautiful and sweet great nieces, Gabriella, Josephine (JoJo), Madison and Harper. Grateful that two more are on the way, too!

Of course grateful for my sisters and for my wonderful friends, whether near or far. Grateful for the little surprises that life hands us, almost always on a daily basis if we’re willing to look for them. I’m thankful for turkey and sage dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy. And pie and coffee.

Here’s one of my favorite Thanksgiving photos, taken last year at the home of now far-away friends. I call it gravy fail. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Thanks, Jerry, for sometimes being klutzy, but also for always knowing how to save the day.


Thankful, too, for my few but loyal readers. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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5 Responses to “Thankful.”

  1. Cathy says:

    Oh dear, on the gravy fail story! That must have been one huge mess to clean up. Did that happen last year? I kind of remember it. Here’s my gravy fail story: Some years ago at my friend’s house, she asked me to make the gravy and gave me a jar of flour. I kept adding more and more to the turkey drippings and it would NOT thicken. We finally tasted the “flour” and it was powdered sugar. So that was one time I was thankful the local grocery store was open, so her daughter could make a mad dash to get some ready-made gravy!

    I am thankful for many of the same things you mentioned.

  2. Patt says:

    Sugar gravy! My favorite!
    It reminds me of the time Wendy’s mom thought she had frozen apples in her freezer, and made a French fry pie for dessert. Yum.


  3. Marilyn says:

    I am so very behind in everything! I just got caught up on your blog, reading the last three entries. I love each and every one of them and am thankful that you write this blog. Please, please don’t ever stop writing!!!

    Several years ago Nona came down for Thanksgiving and we were going to get together with Bob’s dad and step-mom. They lived on the other side of town and didn’t like driving anymore so we were going over there to make dinner. Not wanting to pack up my entire kitchen (I didn’t like their cookware), I decided to order a pre-made dinner from Byerly’s so all we would have to do is heat it up.

    Of course I never checked Byerly’s holiday hours and waited until Thanksgiving Day to pick up the meal. The parking lot was deserted and every door was locked tight. There were no stores open anywhere. I had absolutely nothing in the fridge or freezer, so we took off empty handed. I did find a steak restaurant close to Bob’s dad’s house that was open. We all dined on pressed turkey and salty gravy.

    Each year my sister-in-law and my friend Jane message me to make sure I pick up Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday :)

  4. Patt says:

    Marilyn, you are such a good friend!
    I loved the Thanksgiving story. I wish I could have seen your face when you got to the store. I wonder why they didn’t call you at some point to see if you were going to collect your dinner? Did you ever get it? Was the gravy salty?
    Merry Christmas to you and Bob. I hope your Christmas dinner goes well…


  5. Marilyn says:

    I went to Byerlys on Friday morning and there was my dinner in their refridgerator. I felt somewhat better, however, when I noticed a few other people hadn’t picked up their dinners, either. So Friday night, Nona, Bob and I pigged out on a turkey dinner. Poor Bob’s dad and step-mom probably ate hot dogs that night.
    Merry Christmas to you, Winston and Penelope.

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