Your Sex Questions Answered.


Not by me, of course. That would be a colossal waste of both our times. I am neither a teacher nor a doer at this particular time in my life, but hope springs eternal.


I found this wonderful old 1934 book at an auction and paid $3 to learn everything a modern mother and father should know. My first thought was that mothers and fathers probably already learned enough about sex just by becoming mothers and fathers, and now they are too tired to do anything about it. It’s the rest of us who could use some info!


Inside the book, aside from a wealth of sexual information for mothers and fathers only, there is a handy conception wheel, which tells you the two days you may conceive. (I’m guessing there are more than two, just from watching “Judge Judy.”) The rest of the days are “free time.” Who knows what mothers and fathers may do with that? We can only imagine.


The author, Hildegarde Esper, has quite a reputation in the world of books and movies. Along with her husband (whom I presume helped her with her “extensive research”) she produced a lot of controversial films, such as “Narcotic” and “Maniac.” Wow.


She was quite a gal; ahead of her time, and some kind of free thinker. You can read more about her here:

PS: I know my friend Dave is going to say “Oh, I know all about those two,” but some of us have been very busy since 1934.

Go. See.

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