The Joy of Delayed Gratification.


It’s been a busy month, and a really expensive one, too. Dinners with friends, auctions, gas for road trips, entertaining, veterinary bills, higher car insurance rates… you know how it goes. You can plan and budget all you like, but life has a way of intervening in all kinds of ways.

So when I saw the PERFECT bench for my Little Free Library at the Serendipity shop, I was hesitant to jump out of the car and plunk down the $24 for it. Not a lot of money, but it wasn’t quite close to my next Social Security check, and I have a few rules about my cash: I won’t put anything on my credit card unless it is an absolute necessity, and I won’t take money out of my savings account for fun stuff.

But there it was, sitting on their lawn just waiting for ANYONE to take it, when in truth it belonged to me. (At least heart-wise.) I’d drive by every day and look for its green paint. I’d watch to make sure nobody was sitting on it or looking at it. I’d watch for the little cut out hearts on each end to make sure it was still there.

And finally the check came, and I rushed over there and pulled off the sales ticket. It was mine! Paid for up front, with no money gone from savings, nothing added to my (thank you GOD) zero balance credit card. Whew!

There was a sign behind the counter, too: “I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT IT WHEN I SAW IT.” I was glad I didn’t have to say that.

Here’s the bench. It’s a beauty. It needs a little TLC, but I don’t plan to put it out there until next spring, so I have time to think about what color to use. Or time to think about which friends might take on the project if I buy the paint for them? Of course I have someone in mind, and they know who they are. (But that’s a story for another day.


Sometimes it feels good to have to wait for things. In this day of instant gratification, of which I often indulge, it is nice to have something to look forward to that you can’t have right this minute. Sometimes when you wait and think about things and consider their possibilities, it seems all the more wonderful when you actually get them.

* * *

Meanwhile, for instant gratification I found these lovelies at recent auctions. I bought this whole box of glass figures just to get this weird little ostrich. How often do you see something like that? You will if you come to my house. He’s in the kitchen.



And while they’re technically not from an auction, they’re from a roadside stand in Trego, Wisconsin, and I’m hoping the deer won’t eat them. The second one is actually somewhat silvery. Who grows silver pumpkins? (Some farmer in Wisconsin, apparently.) I love these.


One last thing: A funny sign a friend found on Grand Avenue. I noticed the other day they erased the “Ass,” though you can still see the remains. I’m glad he caught it when he did!

Photo Credit: Don Fraser

Photo Credit: Don Fraser


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  1. Marilyn says:

    Totally in awe of your self-control. Even more in awe of how you were rewarded by getting the bench! It is perfect. I can just picture the various people that will stop and sit a spell while browsing through a book.

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