A Week of Fun Objects


You know how you sometimes think you’re being watched? I looked up from my computer and saw this funny fellow staring at me. I know he is thinking, “Oh, my, she is so beautiful.” Isn’t this a great face? But I digress.


I’m awfully fond of things that once belonged to other people. (The cat above, for instance. Winston’s previous owner died, and he needed a new home. How could I resist?) The history of “things” is interesting to me. I’d rather have an eclectic mix of previously-loved dishes than a complete set of something new. There is something about owning something that someone else chose and loved and used. It gets to me.

Which is why I find myself at so many thrift stores, yard sales, auctions and junk piles. This past week, I found some great stuff, and a few wonderful things were sent to me, too. Interestingly and completely without planning, most of these things are blue. But I was not blue when I received any of them. They make me happy!

My friend Marianne gave me this collection of Japanese fish floats that her father found on beaches in Hawaii. She often says “He found them on the north shore,” and when I first heard that, I immediately thought of our North Shore, but no. She meant the north shore of Honolulu. They’re so beautiful, though. I went to Salvation Army and found a clamshell-shaped jute holder for them. Perfect!


At a yard sale, I found this lovely blue mixing bowl. I don’t need another mixing bowl, but who could resist this one? I sure couldn’t.


A garage sale near Chetek offered this lard tin, which I had to have. If you grew up in Duluth, you may remember the National Tea grocery stores. I sure do. There was one in West Duluth, near the KMart store is now, that my mom used to shop at. It was also near my friend Sue’s house, so we walked there often for Cokes or gum, long before either of us learned to drive. National Tea. What memories.


I found these button flowers at another yard sale. I bought them because they were cute, and because I thought wow, I could make these easily! Of course I can’t, and you know I won’t. But I love these. I will find the perfect spot for them.


Two great things arrived in the mail this week. My sweet little friend Mahalia made these toys for Mittens and Winston, and they love them. They are just the right size for tossing, pouncing, chasing, and lying on top of. When they first arrived, I put them back in the mailing envelope so that I could eventually take a picture of them. Winston saw the envelope on my desk and began pulling out the toys. What a great gift!


A funny coincidental thing in the mail, too. A couple of years ago, my friend Cathy and her husband went to Scotland for a vacation. She sent me this coaster which made me laugh. This past spring, my friend April and her husband (parents of the aforementioned Mahalia) went to Scotland for a vacation, and April sent me this card. You could conclude two things about this coincidence: People think ma bum  looks big, OR the correct assumption, which is that Scotland only offers this one thing as a touristy gift. They should get more stuff.


So that’s my story for today. Hope you are all enjoying a happy Fourth of July!


7 Responses to “A Week of Fun Objects”

  1. Cathy says:

    I don’t know about you, but MA bum DOES look big in anything!!!

  2. Rick says:

    May I say that you have excellent taste?

  3. Patt says:

    Cathy, I should be so lucky.

  4. Patt says:

    Rick, you may!
    Also, I have been blessed with amazing and funny friends. Such luck.

  5. Marilyn says:

    I am very behind in reading your blog, but then I do have the excuse of being on vacation. I also like blue things that belonged to other people. When I get back home, I will send you some pictures.

  6. Mr Lettman says:

    Some one – turns out an ass – when asked the “bum” question, answered with, “it’s not the pants.” He didn’t last! Plus did you know that women who put on a little weight over the years live longer than the men who mention it?

  7. Patt says:

    Mr Lettman!!

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