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This Week at the Little Free Library



Since the snow’s melted, it’s been a busy time for the Little Free Library. People are dropping off armloads of books, and other people are coming over to borrow them or simply browse. It’s fun to check it out every day and see who’s left what.

Can’t seem to keep enough children’s books, which makes me glad. I remember so well the joy of learning to read (even Dick and Jane and Tip and Mitten were exciting to me) and I’m glad to know other kids are feeling the same. It was the very beginning of a lifetime of reading thrills.

Here’s a sample of what’s available today:

Tender at the Bone by food writer Ruth Reichl (actually, two copies available)
Mac OS8 Instruction Book (yours free!)
The Great Santini by Pat Conroy
The Great Orion Mystery by Bauval & Gilbert (sphinx related, I think)
Eat the Rich by PJ O’Rourke, which sat on my bookshelf for years, so I’m giving it up
The Red Hunter by William F. Buckley Jr (based on the life of Sen Joe McCarthy)
Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss (One woman’s journey toward Godliness)
Women & Money by Suze Orman, which I should probably read but won’t…

A very nice person dropped off a bunch of books for small kids, including a series of Thomas Train ones, which I expect will go quickly.

What are you reading these days? Come on over and have a look. You might find your next favorite author here.

Three Quick Things.


I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote. Time flies! Now that the weather is so lovely, I am spending less time indoors, and trying to enjoy as much fresh weather as I can before winter shows its miserable face once again. Duluth is so beautiful in the summer. And there’s nothing to shovel, nothing to fall on or spin your tires over, and no coat or mittens are required. With luck, you will not need a tow truck for months to come. You can just walk out the door and nothing will freeze!


Thing #1: We have a new baby in the family. Harper Grace was born on May 8, and she is beautiful and perfect. Aside from her parents, she has an older sister Madison, who just turned 3 this week, and two feline companions, Kitty and Boo. A wonderful happy, healthy family. We love you, Harper.

Harper & Chuck 2014

Thing #2: Speaking of families, I am glad to know Bowe Bergdahl is coming back to his family. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding this, and I’m not following any of it. Since I first heard about him, I believed he should be back in the U.S. Whatever happens after that, let’s deal with it here, and not there. I am happy for his family.


Thing #3: Friday before last, I was helping a friend move into her apartment, and somehow did something horrible to my right knee. Since I’ve had osteoarthritis in my left knee for many years, I’ve always call this other one “my good knee.” My good knee is now my second bad knee, and how I long for the good old days. (I have not been to a doctor yet.) There is no comfortable sleeping position. If I sit for a while, both knees seem to stiffen up and it takes me a while to start walking. It’s like being OLD! Jeez. Everything takes longer when your knees hurt.


There was no real reason to add this third thing except that I like to complain from time to time, and an odd number of things are more interesting than an even number, and also that I found this wonderful picture that I wanted to use. I could not afford to have my fingers actually tattooed (and really, who needs more pain?) so I just used a medium point Sharpee.

I’ll be back with more later. I’ll try to not stay away quite so long. Despite the knee thing, life is just so enjoyable.

How’s your summer going?