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Strange Go-Togethers.


Cleaning out the refrigerator this afternoon, I came across the world’s strangest carrot, at the very bottom of the vegetable bin. Had to share!

Then I figured, hey. What goes with a strange carrot better than a goofy rabbit? So here’s the chalkware Bugs Bunny that I found at auction a few weekends ago. I love this guy!

So that’s my quick entry for tonight. More to say (some heavy stuff next time, I think) but for now, a goofy carrot and a wascally wabbit, and best wishes for a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Auction Fever


When things weren’t going his way, my old friend John Smith used to say, “Another day, another chance.” (I think he was a recovering alcoholic. But I digress.) It’s a good saying which applies to most any situation, and I often use it in relation to auctions. They can’t all be that great, you know? But yesterday’s auction was one of the really fun ones.

Early attendees began filling the parking lot, but a smart shopper could easily make her own spot right by the door. Easy access if you’re carrying lots of boxes, as some of us were.

Early shoppers begin arriving.

A wise (and occasionally lazy) gal finds the best possible parking place!

The thing that makes most auctions fun is the variety and eclectic collections of what-nots that people have collected or saved over the years. Estate and consignment auctions are the best. Don’t get stuck at a gun and rifle auction unless you intend to buy guns or rifles. Yawwwwnnnnnnn.

Get there early so you can pick out the stuff you want.

One thing I particularly loved was this old steno pad with illustrated pages. Wasn’t it every girl’s dream to eventually become a stenographer? Because then you could wear all your low-cut roll-in-the-hay clothes to work!

Typical office attire, 1950

I coveted this old tin breadbox, but did not get it. Boo hoo.

It's the one with the bright red lid. I want it!

Other stuff you might find at a really “good” auction:

Glassware out the yin yang. Somebody loved Avon. And mushrooms.

A beautiful old Singer sewing machine. So pretty!

Seriously, if you're in the market for a tuba or some antlers ...

Some little farm kids are gonna love these.

Never know what you'll find on Furniture Row!

Just like families, every office is crazy in its own way.

Lots of guy stuff. Which attracts guys. Ooooh la la.

Piles and piles of sheet music, which someone carefully catalogued.

For the cowboy in everyone.

I bought a very old chalkware bunny that looks suspiciously like Bugs, and still had the original 1.00 price penciled in on the bottom. Very cute. Also bought a Cuisinart waffle maker for a dollar, a toaster and a woolen blanket that will be donated to a shelter, and lots of miscellaneous stuff that may end up at Goodwill at some point. Sometimes you have to buy lots of junk to get the one gem that caught your eye.

Forgot to take their photo, but if you are ever in the Cameron area, I highly recommend the Cameron House for lunch. Great food and good service. And yard sales nearby!

My Philly Steak sandwich. So darned good!

Kim's Reuben

Hope you all had fun weekends of your own. Did you? Tell all!

No Luck in Luck.


My sister Kim knows exactly what she wants to buy at auctions, and how to get it. She studies auction photos like some people study racing forms; plans her method of approach, figures out what she’ll spend, and she’s off to the races.

Not so with me. I don’t really want or need anything, but I like to look things over ¬†for a while, and if I like them, I try to imagine what I’d actually do with them. This in no way prevents me from coming home with boxes of stuff that I bought on whim. Whim will have its way.

But the auction in Luck, Wisconsin, was not very lucky for me this past weekend. Lots of stuff for sale, but most of it was poorly maintained or in very bad shape. I picked up a wooden box that was filled with nervous black spiders when I opened the lid. I spent my time wandering around, using my top-notch photography skills to take you on this tour.

This one reminded me of that old movie, "The Rievers."

Lots of old cars for sale.

Here’s an old fire truck for sale that brought lots of bids. Mine was not one of them.

Loved this old radio, but I think some rodents loved it even more:

Some of the best seats in the house. I call this “Piano Row.”

Where's Billy Joel when you need him?

Fourth Floor: Electronics, Records …

You really can’t have too many boxes. Or ants.

And finally, wise words to live by:

So not the best auction ever, but still a fun day out in the fresh air, laughing with my sister. And all was not lost: I scored big! A lovely basket of fresh tart cherries, right off her tree. I made a cobbler and had lots left to freeze.

So pretty!

To paraphrase the old saying, “Some days just aren’t that great.” But even the not so great ones can yield some wonderful treasures (some unphotographable) if you keep your eyes open to the beauty of the ordinary.

That should have been the title of this entry. I wonder if it’s too late?