Little Free Libraries: Go See Them!


On Wednesday, my friend Kathy T and I took a drive around town to visit the Little Free Libraries that we know about. (I’m sure there are more, but they aren’t all on the website’s map.) There’s a nice one at 3rd Avenue East and 9th Street, which we visited, but I forgot to take a picture. Meanwhile, here are some others.

We took some books and we left some books. It was a fun mini-road trip. Go visit them!

This one is on West Mankato Street in Woodland. It’s cleverly painted to match the owner’s house.

This one is decorated with Christmas lights, so may be lit up at night. What a great idea! It’s in the 3800 block of Allendale Avenue in Woodland. I love the funky roof:

My favorite (next to my own) is at the intersection of Dodge Street and 40th Avenue East. Beautiful surroundings and a good mixture of interesting books. The nice lady who lived here went indoors and brought us an armload of cookbooks that she’s giving away:

This one is close to home, on 43rd Avenue East and Luverne Street. If you walk around the corner, you’ll be at my real favorite one, at 43rd and Gilliat. A Twofer!

Mosey on over to 17th Avenue East and Jefferson Street, and you’ll find this lovely one with a few rules tacked to the door. I didn’t read them. I don’t believe rules apply to me. (But I digress.)

A block down the road, at 16th Avenue East and Jefferson, you’ll find this funny creative one made just for kids. They must love it!

Next time I get a stack of kids’ books, I’m taking them over there. I love the crooked little window and door! And I thought this was a nice reminder to kids (and adults, too.)

(“Take. Read. Give. Enjoy.”)

That’s kinda what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Read any good books lately? Tell us about them!

2 Responses to “Little Free Libraries: Go See Them!”

  1. Rick says:

    What a great “Little” tour!

  2. Kathy T says:

    it was a fun day. I found a book I loved in grade school. I will have to forward it after I re-read it.

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