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What Is It?


Well, it’s a mystery to us, anyway. My sister picked this up at an auction recently, and we’re both puzzled. We know it’s a telephone, of course, but what kind of phone has a lever instead of a dial?

Anyone have any clues?

That center circle is where you’d put your phone number, but it’s becoming detached and has slid down. Otherwise the phone seems to be in great shape.

It looks heavy, doesn’t it? Imagine holding up that handle for 10 minutes.

Discuss among yourselves. (But tell us what you think!)

We Have a Winner!


Pretty, ain't it?

Time gets away from me occasionally, and when I looked at the calendar today I realized I’m 2 days late with this month’s drawing. So I wrote out the tickets post haste!

This month’s winner is Kathy T, from Duluth. (Yaay! One I won’t have to mail!) We’ve been talking about having dinner together for about 6 months now, so maybe this means we will actually do it. Kathy and I went to the same high school here in Duluth, and then worked together for many years. A couple of Catholic girls in publishing. Imagine.

Congratulations, Kathy!

I don’t have a photo of Kathy, but I imagine she is doing this right now:

Here’s the drawing bowl for this month, which was part of a very special birthday present from a very special person. A person who thinks auction junk is beneath his dignity. Ha, I say.

So Kathy, the snow has melted, you’re back from your cruise, we’re both over our colds, so let’s go to lunch. Or dinner. And shopping at Savers!

The fun we’ll have!


Speaking of fun, there are 6 mailing boxes left in my collection, so sign up now to be in on the drawing. You can win twice, so if you ever registered, you’re still in the game. Leave a note here, or send me an Email at Good luck! The boxes are F-U-N.