And The Winner Is …


Sharon from Ohio!

I drew Sharon’s name when I got home from Easter dinner last night, but was too tired to write an entry. So now I’m writing it on April 1, but this is not an “April Fool,” because I’ve never been good at practical jokes since I gave one of my my job-hunting sisters the number of the Duluth Zoo and told her to ask for Mr Fox. Talk about lame, huh? Anyway, a box of auction stuff will be winging its way to Sharon later this week. Don’t forget to sign up here or at my Email address, You could be next!

Sharon and I “met” through letters many years ago, long before home computers came about. I can’t even remember how we found one another, but when you have a lot of prolific letter writers in America, they’re bound to cross paths at some point. Over the years we’ve gone through a lot of things together, through our letters and phone calls. Several years ago I drove through her home town, and though I know I could pick her out of a crowd, we have never met in person. Life is funny, isn’t it?


Auction treasures this week include a giraffe cream pitcher, a Mother Goose figurine (at least that’s what I’m calling it) and an old tin from an Addressograph ribbon.These things are not going into the auction treasures raffle, but it’s amazing what a gal can find for one dollar!

Note to self: Look up "Addressograph."

Mother Goose? That's what I'm calling her.

Sweet little giraffe pitcher. I imagine there is a sugar bowl out there somewhere.


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, which started out looking more like Christmas as it snowed in Duluth. The day never really did warm up, though I have photos of Easters past where my nieces and nephew wore shorts and hunted for eggs in the new spring grass.

Here’s our own little Easter bunny, Madison, who kept us charmed all through dinner.

And here are some of the fabulous cupcakes we had for dessert, compliments of the fabulous Amber at Cake Occasions in Duluth. Amber is a sweetie, and will be the newest member of our family in July of this year.

And now let us turn our thoughts to spring. Please!

6 Responses to “And The Winner Is …”

  1. Cathy says:

    Sadly, I am again not the grand prize wiener of the prize auction junk. *Sigh*.

    But I know what an addressograph is! There was one still in use in 1973 when I began working at the Fox Grocery Company in Belle Vernon, PA. It was used to stamp out addresses onto little metal plates that were then used to print addresses directly onto envelopes. (I think that last part is correct; I can’t imagine them being used to print labels.) There was one guy in our “steno” department who used to run it and when he had to make up a new plate, the screeching noise of the letters being stamped into the plate was horrendous.

    That little giraffe pitcher looks familiar. Must have been something similar in my childhood. Although not as cute as little Madison.

  2. Patt says:

    How funny that you know what an addressograph is. For all the years I’ve worked in offices (since 1966) I’d never seen one or even heard of it. You must have seen the ribbon tins or boxes around, too. Don’t you wish you’d kept some of that stuff? I do. Even typewriter ribbon tins are sort of sentimental to some of us.

  3. Rick says:

    Cathy is right about the Addressograph. The plates were used for “mass mailings” – that era’s version of spam. I’m surprised there wasn’t one at the Credit Bureau, Patt.
    I think that’s a Mother Duck, if you want to split hairs. Or feathers.
    Awfully cute pink bunny!

  4. Patt says:

    Duck, goose, what’s the difference? (Asks the city girl.) I think Mother Goose traditionally wears a scarf, so maybe I’m just making things up.
    The credit bureau had its own print shop in the back, run by a little old guy named Mister McWee. We never called him anything else. I don’t even know if he had a first name. But if he had an Addressograph (and probably did) I never did see it. Had never even heard of one!
    A sheltered life.

  5. sharon says:

    I won! I won! And it was such fun to open up your wonderfully packed little box of treasures! Beth sat with me while I unpacked it. Brought back mamy memories (is this why I love auctions? Strolling past folk’s lives spread out on a lawn and remembering my past?) I put the pearl necklace on immediatley. I then wondered about the Fredrickson family and what they were up toin 1968 (the calandar towel). The medal had me stumped. My friend Charlotte told me it was for soccer. Oh. Nice one with a big red, white and blue ribbon.
    Had such a great time with the box. I wish everyone could have one. It certainly made my day. In fact, maybe we should get together on the comments site and send you a supply of little boxes! (ha!) As my southern ex-sister-in-law would say, “Awwh, you’re so thoughty.” Love ya. And thanks bunches.

  6. Patt says:

    Sharon, thanks for the nice note! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I have a huge box of auction stuff left, and I hope more people will sign up. Honestly, if I had a chance to win a box of “stuff,” I’d apply under assumed names. That’s how I roll. Glad you and Beth had fun!

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