Long Time No See.


This little fellow has sat on my bookcase for years; a leftover from childhood. Corny though he may be, he originally belonged to my mother, so for me has become a treasured object solely on the basis of sentimentality.

Originally, he had a small set of eyeglasses, which I remember well. They were brown and round and had actual glass in them. Kinda like this.

During childhood (mine, not his) the glasses were broken and thrown away, a confession I heard from my sister Kim last week. I suppose it was one of those childhood things you just have to do, like the time I poked pinholes in the nostrils of my mom’s Southern Belle painting.

Satan. It’s the only logical explanation.

Over the years, I’ve occasionally tried to replace those glasses. I would find doll glasses at yard sales, or wire glasses in craft shops, and bring them home and try them on, all to no avail. The very last pair I tried was so ridiculously wrong that even the gnome laughed. But he wore them for a few years, uncomplaining as gnomes are, I guess.

The wrong glasses:

Maybe it wasn’t all that important. If you are on the same page for 50+ years, perhaps ill-fitting glasses are not your problem.

But to get back on point: Last weekend Kim and I were at an auction, where she purchased a box of Christmas junk on one of those “end of the table” sales. She had her eye on one thing, and when she retrieved that, she sent the rest of the stuff home with me.

So I was meticulously going through the box (because you never know what you’ll find in one of them) and there, among the garlands and plastic flowers and a knot of ornament hangers, there at the very bottom of the box, I found them. The gnome glasses. I couldn’t wait to see if they’d fit him.

They did!

They fit!

And doesn’t he even look happier? (True, somewhere along the line his face was broken and poorly put together by someone else who probably needed glasses, but nonetheless, the glasses fit. Let’s try to stay on topic.)

And by the way, here’s what he’s reading:

It just goes to show ya: You never know what you’ll find at the bottom of a box of auction junk.


So what are you going to find at the bottom (or middle or top) of your auction box? Don’t forget to sign up for the drawing, so you can win some treasures of your own. Obviously it won’t be the little pair of gnome glasses, but it might just be something you’ve been trying to find for many years.

Here’s hoping!

7 Responses to “Long Time No See.”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Nona had a gnome that she kept on her front porch. Perhaps you remember it from your visits with her. It was a gift to my parents from my Aunt Jennie and Uncle Vern. They hauled it back from a trip to Phoenix one winter. That gnome is now standing guard over my pool and several people have commented that it must be a sentimental piece because they think it is kinda ugly. Well they are right, it is a sentimental piece. But, to me that gnome is a beautiful piece of art. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. So our gnomes are probably one reason we became friends :)

  2. Patt says:

    I don’t remember seeing the gnome at Nona’s house, but if I had, I probably would have said “yeesh!” the way people must do when they see mine. I agree with you: I wouldn’t trade him for anything. If gnomes brought us together, then I should get a bunch more of them!

  3. Rosy Bradley says:

    What a great story! I am so happy for you and your gnome! I love doilies and sewing “tools” which are many times at the bottom of those boxes too! I am ecstatic when I find a wooden spool of thread!

  4. Patt says:

    Hi, Rosy,
    I have a small collection of wooden spools, and some of them still have 19 or 29 cents stamped on them. I’ve found some really oddly-shaped ones, too. (In auction boxes, of course. I can barely sew on a button by myself.)
    Good to hear from you. Hope all is well at your house.

  5. Loretta Didrikson says:

    Those glasses are perfect! Nice job!

  6. Loretta Didrikson says:

    The glasses are perfect! You would think that they were made for him. :)

  7. Dave Kirwan says:

    Those glasses really do look like they were made for the little guy!

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