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Still waiting to get your name to add to the drawing for free auction leftover stuff, small enough to fit into a little box and not break the bank on postage. People! I stood in crowds like this one all summer, hauling crap fabulous stuff home so you wouldn’t have to. Enter today to win! Leave a note here, or send your mailing address to pjackson@pattjackson.com. The next spooky drawing will be held on Halloween night. YOU could be a winner!

We won’t send the Publisher’s Clearing House people to your door with balloons and ridiculously large checks that your bank would never take, but if you watch your mailbox, you may be in for a big surprise. (Big things come in little packages, you know.)

Here are some carefully selected items packed into the back of my car. The shopping I did so you wouldn’t have to! The lines I stood in to save your time! The heat sickness I suffered … Oh, the stories I could tell. All for you.

No idea what that wooden thing is, but yes: We bought it.

Well, okay... you won't win the apple OR the almonds.

Here’s some favorite auction stuff you won’t be winning:

Cool stuff I found at the bottoms of boxes of miscellany. I'm keepin' it.

These beautiful etched glasses. Not technically purchased at auction, but technically rescued from a Dumpster. I'm keeping 'em.

An autographed sheet music photo signed by Rudy Vallee. Might be worth something.

Winston loves Christmas. We're keeping these.

Too cool to give up. Who could resist these old fashioned lights? Not me.

I coveted the blue bowl, but got sun-sick before they sold it. Darn.

All this furniture: Too big to mail.

Wonderful yard stuff, and two lovebirds. All too big to mail. Alas.

So that’s what you won’t win, but think about all the stuff you might win! But only if you sign up quickly, because the drawing is Wednesday. Tell your friends.

I’m telling mine!


2 Responses to “Enter To Win Free Stuff!”

  1. Cathy says:

    Me! Me! I am entering my name. And you know my address. You did not say you were keeping Winston, just the lights. Send him immediately.

  2. Patt says:

    Winston’s a bit big for a postal box, but maybe if you win you’ll get a fuzzy cat statue. Or an orange fish. Who knows? It’s a happy mystery.
    Note to others regarding Winston: Keeping him.

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