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Halloween Drawing


Rosy B. of Duluth

Congratulations to you, Rosy B! The box is not quite assembled yet, but I will be glad to mail it, or gladder if you would like to stop over for coffee some afternoon and pick it up. It would be fun to see you again.

For some reason, my camera is not letting me post photos. I think the battery is shot, though I will try again later. All my hard work on a Halloween presentation MUST be appreciated by the world at large. I’ll try to get it working.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween to all. Next drawing will be the last day of November. Plenty of time to get your name in so that you, too, can win fabulous auction stuff!



Enter To Win Free Stuff!


Still waiting to get your name to add to the drawing for free auction leftover stuff, small enough to fit into a little box and not break the bank on postage. People! I stood in crowds like this one all summer, hauling crap fabulous stuff home so you wouldn’t have to. Enter today to win! Leave a note here, or send your mailing address to The next spooky drawing will be held on Halloween night. YOU could be a winner!

We won’t send the Publisher’s Clearing House people to your door with balloons and ridiculously large checks that your bank would never take, but if you watch your mailbox, you may be in for a big surprise. (Big things come in little packages, you know.)

Here are some carefully selected items packed into the back of my car. The shopping I did so you wouldn’t have to! The lines I stood in to save your time! The heat sickness I suffered … Oh, the stories I could tell. All for you.

No idea what that wooden thing is, but yes: We bought it.

Well, okay... you won't win the apple OR the almonds.

Here’s some favorite auction stuff you won’t be winning:

Cool stuff I found at the bottoms of boxes of miscellany. I'm keepin' it.

These beautiful etched glasses. Not technically purchased at auction, but technically rescued from a Dumpster. I'm keeping 'em.

An autographed sheet music photo signed by Rudy Vallee. Might be worth something.

Winston loves Christmas. We're keeping these.

Too cool to give up. Who could resist these old fashioned lights? Not me.

I coveted the blue bowl, but got sun-sick before they sold it. Darn.

All this furniture: Too big to mail.

Wonderful yard stuff, and two lovebirds. All too big to mail. Alas.

So that’s what you won’t win, but think about all the stuff you might win! But only if you sign up quickly, because the drawing is Wednesday. Tell your friends.

I’m telling mine!




Fabulous view of one fabulous city. Come and see us!

I love Duluth. Not just because it’s where I was born and have lived most of my life, but because it is a beautiful city. Nestled on the shores of Lake Superior, surrounded by hills that are currently glowing with autumn leaves, it’s simply a beautiful place to live. (Except in winter, when I hate it. But that’s another story for another day.)

I didn’t take a vacation this year, but spent most weekends at auctions (are you yawning?) and then my dear friend Cathy from Pennsylvania visited in early September, at which time Duluth’s weather cooperated by not being too cold or too hot or too windy or too rainy. It was perfect. PERFECT. I couldn’t have been happier if I’d orchestrated it myself, which I will be doing when World Domination kicks in, though the handbook isn’t quite ready yet.

Not to digress too far off point, but is our airport EVER going to be finished? Didn’t they start reconstruction a few years ago? How long could this take? The whole thing isn’t much larger than my house, so it seems like you should be able to leave on a flight without having to wander through quonset huts or the basement parking lot just to get to the main desk. Is it just me? Hurry up, airport people! The escalator doesn’t even work anymore. Yeesh.

On Friday, Cathy and I headed to Delta Diner, one of my favorite places on earth. Stuck in the middle of the woods on Highway H outside of Iron River, it’s a happy destination for sightseers and those with not much to do but get in the car and drive out in the country. You can stop at the Garlic Man’s place, too, if you aren’t going 85 MPH as some of us might tend to do. We didn’t actually stop there, but here is a free plug:

The folks at Delta Diner are wonderful. They look like they’re having a lot of fun while they’re working. The menu is simple (though the menu explanations are extensive) and the coffee is good. And so’s the Dutch Baby, which is also about the size of my house, and good for about three ┬ábreakfasts beyond the first!

The Dutch Baby... As big as the plate! You'll never finish it.

Here’s Cathy, looking pretty happy with her French toast or whatever it was.

While we were there, the baker who supplies Delta Diner with their bread showed up with some loaves that apparently were not up to par, and the chef gave free loaves to everyone in the diner. (Try to get there on Free Bread day!) That was very cool. As we were leaving, the hostess gave us two “I Heart Delta Diner” bumper stickers, and later came out to take a photo of us in front of the place. What great service! No wonder people love the place.

Does that Dutch Baby make me look fat?

Later we went shopping at a few thrift stores in Iron River, and a very nice gift shop with unusual items where the uncaring proprietor refused to bother with my purchase as she was more interested in selling scarves and jewelry to another customer. So feh on her! She’s not the only store in town with crow decals on dishtowels, I would like to add.

Stopped at an antique store in Allouez; it seemed to go on for miles. I was actually tired of looking at old stuff by the time we made our way back out. I probably didn’t see half of it, but I do know that if you’re in the market for postcards, you should go there. In Superior, we shopped at Goodwill, Salvation Army and Earth Exchange. Fun stores, all.

On Saturday we visited one of the Little Free Library locations just around the corner from my house (how I want one of those in my yard!) and walked to Serendipity, a great little gift/antique shop just around the corner. Didn’t realize until then that the neighborhood was celebrating Lakeside Days, so we visited the shops and bought some treats at Johnson’s Bakery. Ran in to my sisters, so had coffee and tea with them, took photos of the steam engine, and went to the park to watch a dog show, which was a lot of fun. (Probably not for the dogs, though, what with all the noise.) Later we headed up to the mall, stopping at Bixby’s for soup and a warm up.

Dinner was at Duluth Grill, where you simply must take all out of town visitors, and whose food is delicious. And whose vegetables are home-grown right in the parking lot! What’s not to love?

In the evening, we pored over photos of our lost youth. Amazing to see your friends in their formative years. What surprises! What fun! And what great conversations ensued.

On Sunday Cathy went to church on Fourth Street to hear a speaker whose book she was reading (Randy Alcorn, I think, but she’ll correct me if I’m wrong) and later we ventured out onto the Vista King for a spectacular view of the city. The weather was absolutely perfect: warm and sunny, not blazingly hot, but not cool enough to warrant a jacket. Perfect!

We began at the DeWitt Seitz Marketplace, and since we had some time to kill, a drink at the courtyard of Amazing Grace Cafe:

Does this moose make me look fat?

A beautiful day for tourist-watching.

Cathy and friend at Rocky Mountain Candy, Canal Park

Some views from the Vista King:

Former Coast Guard Cutter Sundew, now a private "party boat." Would love to go to THAT party!

Blatnik Bridge, under construction. Just like our airport.

Above: Duluth skyline from the Vista King, and the very reason I am not a professional photographer.

Later that night we came home and made dinner for friends Jean and Dave, and watched “So Long and Good Luck” before dessert. A great day!

On Monday morning, considering the sunlight and perfect temps, we enjoyed an impromptu breakfast at Brighton Beach. We had the place to ourselves, and it was lovely.

Well, almost to ourselves, until we began feeding the lone gull on the rocks, who called his five million friends to join him. We were lucky to make it out of there unscathed. (If you know what I mean.)

(Again: NOT a professional photographer. Or even a very good photo editor.)

We drove to Two Harbors and visited the shops, drove through the Silver Cliffs tunnels, and enjoyed the scenery.

Dinner was at Gordy’s Hi Hat in Cloquet, where it was still warm enough to eat outside on the patio. Good food, good company, good weather. Can’t ask for too much more than that, although I do wish I’d ordered a malt!

Only in America.

So a good time was had by all (I hope) and if you didn’t plan a vacation this summer, I highly recommend getting out in Duluth and seeing the sights through fresh eyes. Pretend you’re a tourist. See Canal Park, Two Harbors, the drive up the shore, Skyline Drive, the many great restaurants, Enger Tower … all of it. See it again for the first time.

But it’s early October … wear warm clothes!