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And The Winner Is…


Congratulations, Chris of Duluth!

The really funny thing is that when she entered the drawing and wrote “Pick me! Pick me!!!” in her note, I wrote back and said that writing “pick me!” isn’t going to help her chances, but apparently I was wrong. I laughed when I opened the slip of paper and saw her name.

I did tell her that what might help her chances is that only 5 other people entered the drawing, this first one of the auction giveaway, which lasts as long as the junk as the treasures do! Could be four more weeks, could be four months. Who knows?

You sure won’t, if you don’t enter. Send your name and address to, or leave a note in the “comments” section below, and YOU could be a winner.

I chose this lovely blue and yellow bowl for the entries:

And then I put all six names on slips of paper and dropped them in. (I guess it would be more impressive if I’d thought to use colored paper.)

And then I just drew out a name. Since nobody else was around to do it.

Next week’s official drawing will be done by Cathy from Pennsylvania, so I’ll try to get some good pictures of that.

Congrats, Chris! Your junk prize should be in the mail next week.


Look Who Found A Home.


It’s true: There’s a lid for every pot.

Creepy Christmas Guy, who has resided in my garage the past 2 years, has found a loving home. He seemed to move around the garage under his own power, since I always found him in the exact wrong spot, but I finally captured him and sent him to Betsy, who sent this photo:

He seems to blend in with the tablecloth, doesn’t he? It was meant to be.

I have a feeling as soon as her back was turned, he threw down the sign and hopped off the table. Or is it just my imagination? Whatever it is, I hope he forgets my address. He was as hard to place as my ’95 Cutlass Ciera, and just about as pretty.

This wasn’t part of the auction drawings, but now is a good time to remind you to send your name and address in for the next drawing which will be next Friday night. I had to do my own drawing this time (when will cats get opposable thumbs, I ask you?) but next Friday, my friend Cathy will be here to do the honors. So don’t delay! You could be the next winner of a box  or envelope of auction treasures.

Winner to be announced in next entry. Go look!

The fun you’d have!

Free Auction Treasures. Enter to Win


Every time I come back from an auction, which lately seems to be every single weekend, I find myself with some mysterious stuff that really needs a good home, meaning a home that is not mine. Some feathery magnets for the refrigerator, really old greeting cards, obscure sewing notions or perhaps plastic or metal parts that look like the belong somewhere. What to do, what to do?

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m giving it away.

And you could be a lucky winner! All you have to do is send your name and mailing address to me ( and you’ll be entered into the drawing. That’s all there is to it. What might you win? It will be something that’s easy to mail. Probably something flat. So don’t be expecting the UPS guy to show up with the bed in this photo! (But it’s pretty, isn’t it?)

And for sure it won’t be this frightening painting of creepy children with huge eyes (and apparently light muzzles) although it might be the tee shirt that guy is wearing, which had this written on it: “I am a superhero without power or motivation.” (He did have superhero arms, though.) His shirt wasn’t actually up for bid, but you know: We have our ways.

It won’t be a jacket or flannel shirt, either, which would cost too much to mail, though I could probably have gotten them all for a song, as winter jackets are not big sellers when the temps were hitting 97 degrees.

And most likely nothing from under this tent:

But don’t despair! There are still treasures galore that could end up in your mailbox if your name is drawn from the pretty bowl. So send it along. Just look at the possibilities:

And can you spot the Amish guy in the photo below? (Also not mailable.)

There will be one drawing per week, probably on a Friday or whichever weekend day I feel ambitious. You won’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your package to arrive, but possibly 6-8 days. (Again: Ambition level may drop.)

So send your name and address before next Friday. You could be the lucky winner of something from one of these photos, or something mysterious that I might find in the bottom of the next auction box.

Live a little!

PS: As far as auctions go, I like to believe I am still Queen of Parking! (Red car on far right.) And I didn’t have to block all traffic to do it, either!  (Silver car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.) The auction was being held right behind the auction sign. I defy you to get closer without having to do some grass driving.

PPS: You won’t win a car, either. But maybe an old picture of one!

PPPS for the forgetful:

Selling Stuff. And One Big Beaver.


In case you think all I do on weekends is go to auctions and buy other people’s stuff, I should let you know that at least once a year I manage to sell other people’s stuff to some other people.

Like mid-June, for instance, when I organized a neighborhood alley sale, inviting all the folks from two streets to participate in a block-long garage sale. Few did. But the ones that did … oh, the fun we had.

Especially me, since I made a LOT of money on a lot of stuff, including some of my own, but a lot of auction stuff that I scored for 50 cents or one dollar. My sister Kim can tell you that I am not the auctioneer’s dream, unless they dream of someone who will take boxes of junk that nobody else will look at. On that count, I am their ideal. But if their dream customer is someone who spends a lot of money on a lot of stuff, well … no.

So for two very warm days in June, my neighbors and I sat in our respective garages (admittedly mine did not look very respective at the time) and got rid of stuff to other people who will probably take it home and then have their own sales to get rid of stuff, and there’s a good chance I may buy some of it back. You know, if it looked cute to me two years ago, it probably still does.

Even castoffs have their place in the circle of life.

Nobody wanted this creepy guy, even after two sales and a sharply discounted price. Frankly, I'm not even sure why I bought it in the first place. Ick!

My general garage sale observations:

• There are lots of Crocs. Everyone seems to be wearing them, including little kids and grown men. I wore them all last summer, but gave them up.

• Books are not good sellers. Movies sell well, both VHS and DVD. My boxes of auction books did not do well. I may have broken even on my $2 investment. Pooh.

• And PS: If you are buying a book for 50 cents, please don’t hand me a $20 and ask, “Can you change this?” Don’t be goofy. Take your $20 and be on your way, sir.

• I feel resentful of people who cruise through the garage talking (usually loudly) on a cell phone and not actually looking at stuff; just sort of making the circle tour while explaining to someone far away how to cook macaroni. Shoo, fly!

• There are really a lot of  fat people out there. No offense meant, because I am one myself, but if you are huffing and puffing after walking up a barely 5-degree ascent into my garage, you need help. Get thee to a weight loss center before you die on someone’s concrete floor.

• People will take almost anything from a FREE box, which amazes and puzzles me. But it saved me a trip to Goodwill. So thanks.

Nobody wanted my U.S.-shaped spoon holder, even if it was free. This forced me to prop it against a streetlight pole on the corner, and finally someone carted it off. Thanks!

I appreciated everyone who showed up, and especially those people who bought stuff, with the exception of the jerk wearing cargo pants who stole a brown bottle I was selling for 25 cents. It’s not like he got away with the Queen’s tiara, but come on! 25 cents? I would have given it to him had he asked. And he wasn’t a kid, either, but probably in his mid-30s. I was talking to a friend and I saw him slip the thing into his pocket. I think he saw me watching him. How creepy! My fervent hope is that he is not raising children. The world’s in enough of a mess as it is.

Gloria saw you take it, too, pal. There's an afterlife, you know!

The nice lady who forgot her sunglasses did not come back for them. Still got ’em, if you want to come back.

Christmas stuff was a big seller, except artificial Christmas trees, which I got at an auction during a luggage transaction. Two lovely pieces of luggage, two artificial trees thrown in as a freebie. Nice.

Got rid of two chairs that cluttered up the garage:

In my corner of the world, I got rid of tons of stuff. My garage is clean once again. I made a considerable pot of money.

I am happy.

But if you have $500 and room in your home for a lovely antique roll top desk, let me know. We’ll work something out. It comes apart for moving. It has lots of nice pigeonholes (see picture) and two “secret” pen-holding drawers. It has holes drilled in it so you can plug in your computer or telephone and still close the lid and keep private stuff private. It’s a beauty. It needs a loving home, not with the guy who made snarkey comments about “condition issues.” The thing is 100 years old. It has condition issues. Each “issue” tells a story. You, sir, would not appreciate a good desk if it kicked you in the ass. This one’s owner  almost did.

Well, that’s my update for today. Since writing this in June but never posting it until August, I’ve been to many more auctions. Will post some photos soon. Meanwhile, how about a big beaver picture?

I think he may be chewing on a piece of chalk, though I thought beavers preferred wood. A discussion ensued. Nevertheless, I hope you love it as much as I did.