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Welcome to the World, Josephine Claire


We eagerly anticipated the arrival of my niece Heather’s baby, Josephine Claire, who arrived on March 29th, 2012, just in time for Easter. (And seriously: Who would not love that middle name, which also happens to be my own?) It goes without saying that she is a beauty; surrounded by eager family members who ┬áhave loved her since they first heard she was expected!

Josie already has a big sister, Gabriella, who is nearly 2. Here is a photo that is probably the first family picture showing all four of them:

Heather, Gabby, Mike and Josephine Claire

Imagine the fun those girls are going to have together! My sisters (one older, two younger) were always my best pals, and remain so today. It’s a family tradition.

Here’s the proud dad and his girls:

Mike always reminds me of Sean Penn. But I digress.

Here’s Heather, just home from the hospital:

So welcome home Heather, and welcome home Josie, for whom “home” is the entire world. We love you and we eagerly anticipate watching you grow.

Last summer the aunties and nieces and great-nieces Gabby and Madison took a little trip up the shore for lunch and sightseeing, which is when Heather announced she was pregnant. This summer’s trip will include Josie, and we hope the tradition will carry on for many years to come.

That’s what family’s all about, isn’t it?


PS: It’s an odd day when I get up early to update my blog, but life has been hectic. So happy belated Easter to all of you, and have a look at my concoction which turned my fingers blue, and which wasn’t really very tasty after all. But pretty!

Don’t hate me because I’m clever!

(My friend Kim would of course say “That’s not the reason.”

How was your Easter? Got pictures to share?

Well, I’d better get dressed and off to work. No time to proofread, but my fingers are crossed. (Not literally.) More to come!