October Adventure


Fall weather has been gorgeous in Duluth. Warm sunny days, beautiful colors, cool nights. I don’t think we’ve even had frost yet, which surprises me.

Having an entire day to amuse myself, and having gotten up much earlier than I usually do on a Saturday morning, I decided to leave the house and drive to parts unknown. One thing I wanted to see was the Hebrew Cemetery in Superior, which has always piqued my interest, but I decided to take my time getting there. (As did some of the occupants of the cemetery, judging from the dates on the headstones, but that’s another story.)

I wanted to get to some garage sales in Lakeside first, since their days are dwindling just like our warm fall days. I’m not looking for anything in particular, which makes the sales more fun. I found some books, a few movies on tape  (yes, I still use my VCR) and some other small treasures.

Speaking of little treasures, St Michael’s Church on 49th Avenue East and Superior Street has a lawn filled with pumpkins of all sizes, from mini to enormous and varieties in between. (Some green ones, some pebbly looking ones, some oddly shaped ones that would lend themselves to scary carvings.) It’s a sight to behold. They are all for sale at reasonable prices, but even if you don’t want to buy one, you should go there and have a look.

I bought a large pumpkin for the front steps, and several mini versions for the mantle.  They’re so bright and beautiful. Go look!

I left Lakeside and headed to the West End to drop off a box of stuff at Salvation Army. Couldn’t leave there without stopping in for a look-see, of course, and a very nice clerk  (who has seen me in there a million times, I’m sure) gave me a very good deal on  something whose price I’d mistaken. That’s all I’m gonna say about that!

Then across the High Bridge, to Superior, and more sales. I don’t know Superior very well even though I’ve lived next door to it most of my life, but I wasn’t worried about getting lost. I followed signs and arrows and found some fun sales, missed a bunch more because I didn’t know the area, and then got on Tower Avenue for a “free will” sale at the old Video Vision building on Tower and Central Avenue.

Central Avenue happens to be the avenue that takes you from Superior across the old wooden bridge into Oliver, but is also the avenue with the road leading to the Hebrew Cemetery.

The cemetery is down a gravel road past another cemetery whose name I’ve forgotten. It’s a small cemetery, but so peaceful, surrounded by woods and not much else. I recognized a lot of local names, especially from local businesses that no longer exist, and seeing them brought back a lot of memories, like Kaner’s old store where I rented a parking place for a few years, and Sher Meats from East First Street. I especially liked the pebbles on top of some of the grave markers. I remember that from “Schindler’s List,” and I think it simply means “I was thinking of you. I was here.”

As you will note, I have made progress neither with taking photos or placing them in this blog. I will work on that.

Central Avenue in Superior will take you to the old wooden Oliver Bridge. I can remember going across that bridge with my dad when I was a kid, and I was always scared of it. It seemed old and rickety and not quite safe, but then I was a fearful child and most everything scared me. Some renovation has been done to the bridge, but it still retains that old-fashioned bridge look, and it’s quite lovely. I should have stopped to take photos, but luckily for you and your dwindling patience, I did not.

The bridge leads to Gary, New Duluth (which always reminds me of Homer Simpson shouting “There’s a NEW Mexico??”) and of course a few yard sales in that area, too. A GARAGE SALE sign and arrow, which may have been outdated, led me across Beck Road, which seemed like a new area to me, and then to I-35 near Proctor or Nopeming. (Not sure where the dividing line is.) I stopped at MacDonald’s on Boundary Avenue to answer nature’s call and also at her request/demand bought a chicken sandwich and a Mocha Frappe after my long excursion.

Down I-35 back into Duluth, but still felt like driving, so took Mesaba Avenue to the Goodwill store in Hermantown just for fun. (Both 21st Avenue and 40th Avenue Exits were closed, though they would have made for a more scenic trip.) From Arrowhead Road to Kenwood Avenue to Calvary Road and then Jean Duluth, I took the long way home.

A perfect day. Saw the sights, satisfied some curiosity, got some good books and some pumpkins and a mocha frappe. Does life get much better than that?

Before the snow flies, go off on an adventure of your own. And be sure to tell us about it!

6 Responses to “October Adventure”

  1. Chris I. says:

    The adventure will take place Thursday when my daughter Carly and I will commute to Duluth with Rob. Carly will do the Haunted Ship while I sit back and read Pride And Prejuduce And Zombies: Dawn Of The Dreadfuls. May go loiter around Woodland and possibly go visit my mom at Calvary Cemetary. I do love Duluth!

  2. Rosy Bradley says:

    I am a fan of old cemeteries as well. Back when the girls were in Girl Scouts, I volunteered to help with the summer Badge Burst program for a few summers. One summer I chose to offer the badge that we had to visit a cemetery and pay attention to the dates on head stones to develop a historical feeling for that cemetery — local history was the focus of the badge. We also used paper and charcoal to create a “copy” of some of the head stones. Of course, many of the girls chose children’s head stones. We went to the Swedish cemetery on London Road next to Glensheen. I think we got three hours a day for four days to work on this badge. On the last day, everyone had to explain the badges they worked on and what they did for them before they received the badges from the leaders. It was very interesting to watch the parents/grandparents faces while the girls talked about it — Lots of looks of horror. Our table of examples was the most visited after the ceremony though! I loved it!!

  3. Patt says:

    Rosy, that just cracks me up about the looks of horror. I can just picture it! I didn’t know that cemetery was open to the public. I’ve walked past it and looked in the gates, but I’ve never seen a way to get in there. Maybe “someone” ruined it for the rest of us? Another great place is the Forest Hill cemetery in Woodland, especially at the very top of the hill. Lots of ancient angels and icons. You also just reminded me of a creepy (but true) story. Maybe I’ll write about it on Halloween.

  4. Patt says:

    Chris, I love Duluth, too. Be sure to drive out to Lakeside to see the pumpkins at 49th Avenue East! I haven’t been to Calvary Cemetery in a long time but should go there, too. (Forest Hill is great for walking and taking in the sights.) Have a great trip!

  5. Heather says:

    Sounds like a fun Saturday, Patt! Love your photos. If you’re looking for a task when going to sales, I am always looking for inexpensive baby toys! I will pay you back! Also, it was really fun having lunch with you girls last weekend. Thanks for giving Gabs some cuddling time. She missed you:)

  6. Patt says:

    Oh, Heather, I’m so on it! Gabby needs some chew toys. (But not Milk Bone!) She is the sweetest baby on earth. The best-smelling one, too. Can’t wait to see her again. xoxoxoxoxo

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